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Free sumarizes the stress of school in less than a minute.

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Girlfriends asking each other for advice

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I love idols so much


i wanna be an idol

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I don’t know why I’m so excited about that Digimon sequel, it even won’t start til 2015 spring but I can’t wait… then again I’m depressed cause I was 5 years when I started watching it.

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I’ve waited 15 years, 1 sequel and 4 other shitty seasons and finally, FINALLY THERE WILL BE ANOTHER SEQUEL OF THE ORIGINAL DIGIMON ADVENTURES.


New Digimon Adventure Sequel has been announced for Spring 2015!

The new anime is set slighly in the future: Taichi and the original Chosen Children are around seventeen and in high school. This is merely an announcement trailer and shows no new footage or information. Happy Odaiba Day!

Heads up: This anime will probably not be called Adventure 03. The “02” in the first sequel was referencing the year the story took place, 2002; the fact that it was the second season was merely coincidence!


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